This is a helpful guide for people who are trying to decide whether they should eat inside the restaurant or on the patio.

Local Santa Fe residents have long enjoyed Cafe Santa Fe’s authentic Italian food and sunny atmosphere.

Eating inside the restaurant is a great experience because it’s trendy, romantic, and good for large groups of people. The dining room is spacious and has a romantic ambience with low lighting and candles on each table. There’s also a brick oven that helps produce delicious pizzas and pastas. However, eating on the patio can be just as enjoyable when it’s pleasant outside because you can enjoy nature while you enjoy your meal.

The food at Cafe Santa Fe is delicious and served in a family-style setting with the best view on the Sunset Strip. The restaurant is open for both lunch and dinner, but lunchtime has more of a “cafe” vibe.

There is seating inside the restaurant, but we recommend sitting outside in the patio with its beautiful view of Hollywood.

Cafe Santa Fe is a restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine. You can either eat inside the restaurant or in the patio.

Cafe Santa Fe is a restaurant serving authentic Italian cuisine. You can either eat inside the restaurant or in the patio. If you want to celebrate with your friends, you can reserve an area for your group inside the restaurant and enjoy your dinner while drinking wine and listening to live music.

If you want to relax, then you are more than welcome to have dinner on our patio surrounded by greenery, fresh air, and beautiful views of our gardens.

Cafe Santa Fe is a traditional Italian restaurant in Mexico City.

There is always a long queue of people waiting outside the place to eat there. The restaurant has 2 sides – the inside and the patio. If you are lucky enough to find a table inside, you will enjoy all the traditional decorations in this place, while sitting next to its fireplace or small fountain on the wall.

Outside it is very comfortable with plenty of space and fresh air. You can choose if you want to eat at one of their tables outside or on their benches covered with straw matting that have been installed close to the trees on their patio area.

Cafe Santa Fe is one of those restaurants that make your meal memorable not only for its food but also for its atmosphere and great ambience too!

Cafe Santa Fe is a famous Italian restaurant in San Diego, CA. They offer both indoor and outdoor seating options, with the patio being the most popular spot to enjoy their dishes.

The food is amazing inside, but the patio has a really nice ambiance. It’s like you are at a resort when you eat outside.

On Fridays and Saturdays they have live music and drinks, it’s all really good.

Do not go if you are in rush, they take their time cooking their food to perfection. You will want to come early on the weekend because they can get busy at night.

Cafe Santa Fe is a family-owned restaurant, open for lunch and dinner. It offers a fresh, authentic Italian cuisine from the Tuscan region, with meat and seafood specialties. They have an inside dining area where you can enjoy the peace and privacy of your own table and order from our à la carte menu. They also have an outside patio where you can enjoy your dinner in the company of others under the stars with only ambient noise to distract you.

You can either eat inside Cafe Santa Fe or enjoy their fresh Tuscan cuisine at their outside patio tables with your friends and family.

Café Santa Fe is a restaurant located in the city of San Diego, they offer Italian food and also have a patio that’s available to eat at.

Café Santa Fe is an Italian restaurant located in San Diego and it offers both indoor seating and outdoor seating. Guests who choose to eat inside can enjoy the delicious cuisine while sitting on comfortable chairs with floors made of wood. People who prefer eating outdoors can enjoy the beautiful views of downtown San Diego and Balboa Park while eating on a patio full of Italian plants.